About Us

 Welcome to Pink Lips!


     Creator/Designer Sadie Swede has a motto: "Think Pink". That motto was the inspiration and beginning of something beautiful, in fact, all things beautiful. Our handcrafted and exclusively custom made bikinis were a loving work of progress when Canadian designer Sadie Swede set out to create the ultimate bombshell bikini with bold colors, genuine Swarovski rhinestones, modern prints and only the finest fabric. Designing for functionality, femininity and classic elegance, Pink Lips was born.  


     Pushing the boundaries for a one of a kind bikini that will turn heads is what we are about. Our bikinis have been dubbed "the evening gowns of swimwear". Although, outrageously adorned with the finest embellishments, ALL of our swimwear can easily withstand the elements; from getting wet in the pool to a swim at the beach.  


     Every suit is lovingly hand crafted here in Canada to produce only the best quality our customers deserve.  We strive to set ourselves apart from most bikini producers by designing and creating seductive and sexy swimwear that is completely original and can be customized for every individual seeking a unique look. Our garments reflect and celebrate each woman's own special beauty.  Our scrunch bummed bottoms and out of the box colour and print co-ordinated suits garnered local popularity with women who were captured by the originality.  The popularity has spread internationally to women seeking the ultimate sparkle and shine of Pink Lips.


     We want all women to feel and look nothing short of stunning so welcome to our world. We look forward to blossoming and continuing to make all things beautiful. Think Pink.